California Redemption

This world is headed down.

Split with Start The Panic

Been a while since I got a split CD. This brought back memories of the Spunkzine years, just 2 bands you never heard of from a new label and you just loved it. These things back when I was younger peeked my interest. I wanted to know where these bands came from, and who they played with, what else had they recorded. Of course they all seem the same now and they just become forgotten in a couple months. Start the Panic I can tell was the younger band here their songs seamed more rushed and the lyrics were a little weak. California Redemption on the other hand ripped. These guys were solid punk rock! 9 times out of 10 this is mostly the case with these splits. One band rips and the other is so so. For punk points I give it a 10, go out and look for more stuff like this.

A split punk disc by two indie California acts starts off with Start the Panic, whose five tracks take a discernible rock ‘n roll approach and inject the proper punk sneer, especially on their cover of “Johnny B. Goode”. California Redemption’s style is rooted more in the hardcore vein, opting to get heavy both musically and topically on their five tracks, highlighted on the track “Religion for Dummies II: A Resurrection”. Both acts showcase a raw vibe that hopefully overcomes the current safety first style commandeering the spotlight.
Review by Mike SOS

Driving melodic pop-punk with nasal vocals and ear splitting percussion is the Start the Panic half of this new split. It’s that sort of old school punk that got a bit of a revisit a few years ago. California Redemption is similar but a bit more melodic. Their lyrics are worthwhile reads as well. Certainly fans of fast punk that are tired of the derivative mall punk and proto punk crap that have Warped Tour’ed us to death will rejoice in this new split featuring two bands on the polar opposite of the sameness of mall punk.