California Redemption

This world is headed down.


California Redemption records: (download the links)

California Redemption Demo 2001


1 Dor Shalem Doresh Shalom
2 People With Guns
3 Youth Culture
4 Religion For Dummies
5 Equals
6 Give Back
7 Veteran’s Hall, Santa Cruz
8 Demand the Truth

This Time It’s For Money


1 Equals
2 Dor Shalem Doresh Shalom
3 Armaghetto
4 Religion For Dummies
5 Demand the Truth
6 Veteran’s Hall
7 People With Guns
8 Bombs Away
9 Concepts of Democracy
10 Youth Culture
11 Give Back

California Redemption / Start The Panic Split


1 Live Free or Die
2 Sectional Tension
3 Religion For Dummies, Part II: The Ressurection
4 Scene and Not Heard
5 Our Way

California Redemption Demo 2005


1 A Lesson For History (demo version)
2 Preserve and Protect
3 Golden Rule (demo)
4 Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

(and another that is a big secret pizza party)

Do Not Resucitate 7″

7 inch1 A Lesson For History
2 Just a Thought
3 Kick in the Chest
4 Our Mistakes


Let Them Eat Records Mixo de Punko volume 1

mixo 1

Let Them Eat Records Mixo de Punko volume 2

mixo 2

Taking Out a Little Agression


Ill Repute – Live