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Show Review and 7inch Release Show!!!!

October 15th, 2007 by Alon

Hey hey, internet-super-friends!

On Saturday I went up to the Twisted Loungein Ventura, to check out Oxnard Skate Trash, Dogends, Lab Disaster, and Verbal Abuse. Verbal Abuse ended up not showing, but The Last Priority took their place. It was my first time at this venue, and it was small, and hot. We made it just as OST started playing, and they were pretty radical. They played fast, and did a cover of Locals Only…it was super cool. Then, Dogends played. They kicked ass! They played an M23 song. I cried. Then Lab Diaster played. They were great. The were a mix of all sorts of styles. If you have a chance to see them, do it. THEN, TLP came on. They fucking rule. DIY or DIE. Their new songs were great and I can’t wait to hear the new album. After them, a local band whoes name I didn’t catch played 2 songs, and then a bunch of different people took the stage and played covers and stuff. Keegan and I had to get going, so we split.

The venue, though very small, was fucking rad, no security, and no bullshit. I hope it stays that way. They treat the bands right. The stage is just big enough for the drums and the stage is maybe 6 inches off the ground. WE BOOKED OUR EP RELEASE SHOW THERE FOR DECEMBER 1ST!!!! I can’t wait to play there…

I hope that was a fart. I may have just crapped my pants.